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Everybody benches. Football linemen do it to improve their initial punch at the line of scrimmage, body builders do it to sculpt their chest and arms, and average gym-goers do it because they don’t know what else to do on “chest day” (which is ALWAYS Monday, seemingly no matter who you talk to). The bench press has, in a way, become the ultimate measure of strength in casual conversation. Case in point: how many times have you ever said or heard the phrase “How much do you bench?” Compare that with how many times you’ve said or heard the phrase “How much do you squat?” I’d argue that the squat is a much better indication of overall strength and athleticism, but nobody cares about that. To the average casual lifter, the bench press is the end-all be-all of strength training. ┬áRegardless of your reason for benching, here’s a few ways to increase your weight in the only lift most people at the gym care about. (more…)