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“Reester bunnies.”

The girl behind the Walgreens cash register stared back at me blankly.

“Reester bunnies!” I said again. Slightly louder and slower this time.

“EASTER bunnies?” Came the reply.

“Yeah, but like the kickass Reese’s version of the Easter bunny.”

“Oh. I dunno. We have the Reese’s eggs if you want those.”

I didn’t want the Reese’s eggs. By this point I had been to 4 convenience stores. Rite Aid, CVS, another Rite Aid, and now Wallgreens. None of them had what I was searching for. Not one of the cashiers or clerks I had talked to even knew what Reester bunnies were. This one seemed to be no different than all the rest.

“You’re no different than all the rest.” I said, shaking my head sadly. I blinked several times, sighed, and dejectedly marched over to the candy aisle to collect some half-priced Palmer chocolate coins and smooshed Peeps. This was shaping up to be another disappointing Poster. (more…)