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Here’s my latest article for, 3 Barbell/Dumbbell Complexes for Strength and Maximal Fat Burn.


trap bar deadlift

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s long distance running. Especially when it’s done on treadmills. There are myriad reasons for this, but the 3 biggest are:

1) It’s boring

2) It takes forever

3) It makes you weaker

At some point I’ll surely write an entire article about my disdain for treadmills, which are the #2 worst piece of exercise equipment (#1 is the Smith machine), but I’ll focus on just long distance running in general for the purposes of this article.



Most people who jog are doing it to lose weight and body fat and “get toned”. The rest are just lunatics who somehow do it for enjoyment. But jogging burns less calories and less body fat than higher intensity activities like sprinting, and jogging also has a catabolic effect on muscle tissue (it makes muscles shrink). So if it’s not effective for fat loss and it’s clearly no good for building lean muscle, why are we doing it? (more…)