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I’m going to start this article with a short rant. There is a point to this, so bear with me. Here we go:

There are a few training cues that are so ubiquitous that every lifter has heard them at one point in their lives. For example, “Drive through the heels,” “Stay tight,” and “Lock it out” are all fairly common phrases that are heard shouted in gyms across the world to the point where they almost become catchphrases. Most of these common cues are fine, but there is one that irritates me beyond rational belief. This cue is “Don’t forget to breathe.”

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I KNEW I was forgetting something


Check Out My Gym’s New Website

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The facility where I coach has a sweet new website. Check it out at

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For those of you in the Baltimore area who are looking for a velocity development and throwing instruction program, check out our new website for the Redline Throwing Academy. This is a program that I had been developing for several years, and started running last winter with the help of local pitching coach Darrion Siler. Last year’s program ran for 8 weeks, and yielded an average gain of 4.5 mph in 30 athletes, with a maximum improvement of 11 mph.

If you would like to find out more information about the program, click here: Redline Throwing Academy


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Sprint speed is probably the most measurable way to demonstrate your potential as an athlete. At college camps, the ability to crank out an impressive 40-Yard Dash can be the difference between winning a scholarship or being relegated to walk-on status. At baseball tryouts and pro days, a good 60-Yard Dash can send a guy’s draft stock through the roof. Speed is valuable at any level of competitive athletics, so if you want to improve your speed and make yourself more marketable to coaches and scouts, try these drills and exercises.

To read more, check out my latest article published on – 5 Easy Ways to Improve Sprint Speed

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Check out my newest article published on

Best Exercises For Baseball Speed

Baseball Speed

Check out my new article on T-Nation published on 9/17/2013.

In Defense of Deficit Deadlifts

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My New T-Nation Article

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Check out my first article published on T-Nation: 5 Deadlifting Mistakes and How to Fix Them



Bel Air High School stomped on Patterson today in the first round of the playoffs, winning by slaughter rule 14-4.

Brendan Yetter, one of the athletes I train at the Bel Air Athletic Club, contributed heavily to the lopsided victory, going 2-for-2 with a single, triple, and a walk, 2 RBI, 3 runs scored, and 3 stolen bases. Brendan, just a sophomore, is one of the better athletes I train and he will likely have college coaches kicking in his front door at this time next year.

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How to Train Like an Athlete

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Check out my new article on, “How to Train Like an Athlete”

It’s pretty short, and the editor changed “throwing” to “towing” but it has some good info.

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Edit: Don’t bother clicking on that link. The article no longer exists because the company I wrote it for is really bad at making their websites work properly.