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As Mark Rippetoe points out in this T-Nation article, there is a big difference between Training and Exercising.  In a nutshell,  Training is the process of following a progressive program that is designed to increase an aspect of fitness over time. The aspect of fitness most often associated with training is strength, but people can train to improve power, speed, and endurance as well. In contrast, Exercising is what happens if your workouts don’t progress over time, or if you do randomized workouts with no attention paid to progression of key exercises, If your program isn’t planned with an emphasis on progression, you’re not Training. You’re Exercising. And you need to stop, because Exercising is bullshit.


Scouts often talk about guys in terms of the “eyeball test.” Basically, this is the scout’s overall impression of the player’s athleticism based on watching how he moves. Guys with smooth, powerful mechanics like Ken Griffey Jr. pass the eyeball test with flying colors, while guys with disjointed, weak mechanics fail it. But what’s behind this eyeball test? Everybody knows what to look for in an athlete, even if they can’t really explain it. You can just look at somebody and know if they’re a good athlete or not. I believe this can all be traced back to our days as cavemen. Hear me out. (more…)