T-Nation: Contrast Training for Power and Explosiveness

Posted: August 3, 2013 in Speed, Training
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Check out my latest article published on T-Nation.com – Contrast Training for Power and Explosiveness

t-nation squat

  1. nbuchan says:

    Hi Andrew, Awesome article! Stuff about training for RDF and elastic explosiveness is really appreciated. Have posted the link up on my blog http://strongergolf.wordpress.com/ as am hoping it will help me get golfers off of their hip disassociation drills and swiss balls and training for strength. Quick programming question though, assuming a fairly typical 4 day split for strength working on 1 lift a day would you recommend using contrast sets for all lifts or would it be better to focus on 1 at a time? Thanks in advance, Nick.

    • Andrew Sacks says:

      Hey Nick, glad you liked the article and thanks for sharing it. As for your question, it really depends on what lift you’re performing. Some lifts really don’t lend themselves well to contrast sets. When you say you’re working on 1 lift a day do you mean you’re doing a Westside style program where you perform 1 main exercise and then assistance exercises geared towards improving the main lift? And what lifts are you doing on the 4 day split?

      • nbuchan says:

        Following a split I got from Eric Cressey so 2 lower body days, 1 with max effort squat and deadlift and assistance work (guessing I would use contrast sets here but as i’m training squat and deadlift on the same day not sure how much I could get away with), the other a lighter day focusing on single leg stuff. Then a bench day with assistance work and back work, and an overhead press day with assistance and back work. Primary focus is improving my numbers on bench and squat at the moment. Thanks.

  2. Andrew Sacks says:

    I would avoid doing contrast sets on a day when you’re doing both squats and deadlifts. If you’re looking specifically to improve your bench and squat, and you really want to incorporate contrast sets, I would tweak the program slightly to do contrast sets of squats on the “lighter” leg day. I would do the contrast squat sets first that day, and then maybe remove an assistance lift that isn’t really essential. You could do bench press contrast sets on your bench day without changing anything around. I actually haven’t experimented with doing contrast sets with overhead pressing. Since I’m primarily a baseball guy I tend to limit my athletes’ overhead pressing pretty severely. I would stick with just the squat contrast and the bench contrast, since they’ll have the most direct effect on improving the squat and bench.

  3. nbuchan says:

    Thanks for the advice Andrew, will give it a shot.

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