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As anyone who has been to a Pro Day or a professional tryout will tell you, the first thing on the agenda is always sprinting. In football, it’s the 40 yard dash. In baseball, it’s the 60. For a lot of guys, this first test will make or break their chances of making whatever team it is they’re trying out for. If you’re running your sprints at a college showcase or combine, this is your first chance to impress the college coaches in attendance, and also your first chance to make them ignore you the rest of the day.


Nearly all of the programs I write incorporate med ball throws. ┬áDuring the “preseason” phase of training, 100% of them do. One of the first things I teach the athletes I train is how to properly execute these throws. Some people can do them right off the bat with no problem, but most untrained athletes need at least some coaching. The problem I see most often in untrained athletes is the tendency to try to do everything “all at once”. What I mean by this is that they have a difficult time creating torque and utilizing the stretch-shortening cycle in their throws because there’s no separation between upper body and lower body movements. (more…)

“Posterior chain” training is getting a lot of hype these days, and for good reason. Building a strong, powerful posterior chain will improve athletic ability dramatically by allowing you to run faster, jump higher, throw harder and hit farther.

There are other ways to hit baseballs farther, but I don't condone some of them.

There are other ways to hit baseballs farther, but I don’t condone some of them.

What is the posterior chain?

Simply put, it’s the muscles located on the back (posterior) of your body. When talking about sports performance, it typically refers to the lower back, glutes, and hamstrings. (more…)

Everybody check out my new article on Stack, which is also my first published article.

It’s about rotator cuff stretching.


side lying stretch

“Reester bunnies.”

The girl behind the Walgreens cash register stared back at me blankly.

“Reester bunnies!” I said again. Slightly louder and slower this time.

“EASTER bunnies?” Came the reply.

“Yeah, but like the kickass Reese’s version of the Easter bunny.”

“Oh. I dunno. We have the Reese’s eggs if you want those.”

I didn’t want the Reese’s eggs. By this point I had been to 4 convenience stores. Rite Aid, CVS, another Rite Aid, and now Wallgreens. None of them had what I was searching for. Not one of the cashiers or clerks I had talked to even knew what Reester bunnies were. This one seemed to be no different than all the rest.

“You’re no different than all the rest.” I said, shaking my head sadly. I blinked several times, sighed, and dejectedly marched over to the candy aisle to collect some half-priced Palmer chocolate coins and smooshed Peeps. This was shaping up to be another disappointing Poster. (more…)