How to Get a Bigger Butt and Be Better at Sports

Posted: April 8, 2013 in Training
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“Posterior chain” training is getting a lot of hype these days, and for good reason. Building a strong, powerful posterior chain will improve athletic ability dramatically by allowing you to run faster, jump higher, throw harder and hit farther.

There are other ways to hit baseballs farther, but I don't condone some of them.

There are other ways to hit baseballs farther, but I don’t condone some of them.

What is the posterior chain?

Simply put, it’s the muscles located on the back (posterior) of your body. When talking about sports performance, it typically refers to the lower back, glutes, and hamstrings.

..shown here in picture form

Why is this important?

As I mentioned before in this article, hip extension is the most important motion when it comes to sprinting. And what muscle group controls extension at the hip? The glutes. And what are the glutes a part of? The posterior chain. Jumping also requires hip extension (albeit less than sprinting), so getting a strong posterior chain will make you both a better jumper and a better sprinter.

The other good thing about having a strong posterior chain is that it allows for powerful hip rotation, which is the main source of power in a baseball (or golf) swing. In this article, Jeff Albert cites two EMG studies done on baseball players and golfers, which shows that the hip rotation that occurs during a swing is really caused by activation of the hip extensors.

Since pitching also requires powerful hip rotation, it stands to reason that building posterior chain strength will improve not only hitting (and driving) power, but pitching velocity as well.

My college coaches used to talk about guys with "hitters' butts". Turns out there was actually some science behind that.

My college coaches used to talk about guys with “hitters’ butts”. Turns out there was actually some science behind that.

How do I get a stronger PC and a huge butt?

Here’s 3 exercises to build posterior chain strength (and make you more bootylicious):

Barbell Hip Thruster:

The guys I train do A LOT of these. The key things here are:

1) Keep your stomach tight

2) Keep your heels down

3) Push up as high as you can each time, shooting for maximal hip extension by squeezing your glutes at the top of the motion

(Miles’ form isn’t super great on this, as you can see his back keeps bending from not keeping his abs tight and he’s not quite getting into full hip extension as a result. Don’t make the same mistake when you try these.)

Cable Pull-Through

This is another good glute builder.

1) Keep your low back flat. Don’t round.

2) At the top of the motion, your stomach, glutes, and quads should all be tight to maintain upright posture.

3) Bend your knees as you reach back to accomodate a larger range of motion

Glute Ham Raise

This is a good exercise for sprinters, as strong hamstrings are imperative to make sure you’re not leaking energy while sprinting. During hip extension, the hamstrings must be strong enough to transmit the power generated at the hip down the kinetic chain to the foot. Otherwise, power will be lost and speed will suffer.

1) Make sure your feet are anchored and there’s no way they can come loose

2) Maintain upright posture (knees, hips, and shoulders all in a straight line) by keeping your glutes and abs tight

3) Go down as slowly as possible and use your hands as little as possible.

4) Keep your hamstrings tight the whole time.

Do these exercises a few times a week and not only will your butt get bigger, you’ll become better at sports. Enjoy.

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